It may not be the biggest surprise anymore, but we are now officially allowed to tell you about our new station.

Starting Tuesday, May 28th at 6am, we’ll be at our new home on 101.1 FM WRIF – Detroit’s Rock Station.
We are so excited to talk to you all again and are so incredibly thankful for all your words of support & well wishes.

By the way, we have great respect for Drew & Mike and their 22 year legacy at the station and waited to share our news until they & their team could officially sign off.

Spread the word and make sure you’re up bright and early to join us  Tuesday on 101 WRIF!


Dave, Chuck & Lisa


P.S. Here’s some stuff to add to your contact list:
To call us during the show:
(313) 298-WRIF
Or Toll Free 1-855-WRIF-101
That’s 1-855-974-3101
Text us at 4WRIF


Plus all the usual spots:




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